Makers, let me remind you that our app is now in closed Beta testing. We want to say a big thanks to you all for poking every button and section, pointing out bugs and describing the features you’d like to see.

In the next few days the app may not be stable, but we will do our best to fix it! Now we have an important task — to make all sections in the application fast and work like clockwork.

We’ll keep you posted on what’s going on. Love ❤️

Greetings, Moni Maker!

Now it’s time to say “Upda-a-a-te”. We brought the long-awaited release for your iOS and Android with a bunch of cool features! This update is so big it’ll make a Big Mac seem like a small pie.

So, what have we got here:

  • Super tickets have arrived…

You can hide useless/scam coins from your portfolio using “Remove from portfolio” feature.

How do you do that?

pen your portfolio and choose the coin you want.

Click on “Remove from Portfolio.”

Confirm here

Initially, all watchlists and portfolios are linked to your device and are easy to restore even after reinstalling the app.

But what if you’re going to change your device or just sync across multiple devices at once? You can sign in to our app with your email!

How do you do that?

Open your profile, and click on “sign in”.

Enter email and get letter

Hi! Starting from today, we’re opening access to super tickets to everyone.

Super-tickets are invites to our app. The person who gets the invites won’t have to go through a wait on the waitlist — he’ll get access to the app right away. Each person gets three such invites.

How to invite a friend?

Open the profile, and click the button to invite

Next, just send the link to your friends

Hey, Moni Maker!

We hope your week was as productive as ours. The whole team is working on making app stable, while, as you noticed, there are some bugs. Let’s cheer up our superman Ivan — give him respect in our discord. He is known as ivanresh#2829. We promise to fix it by the beginning of next week

What we’re doing now: dark mode, super tickets, transactions list for good/bad deals, auth!

When will you see it? Next week!

And do you want some stats?

You and the other makers have already added 800 BSC wallets and created 600 watchlists. That’s encouraging! Wow. And if you don’t know what we’re talking about and you don’t have a Portfolio section, update the app and learn the magic:

App Store (TestFlight):

Google Play:

Web / Discord / Twitter

Hey, Moni Maker!

We are preparing a new version of Moni for Apple Testflight and Google Store. You’ll see something you were waiting for… sorter in your portfolio! You’ll be able to hide low balances coins, zero balances coins, sort by market price, and more — it’s now available. And we’ve also improved the performance — now everything is much faster!

Stores have an app check. It can take up to a few days some times. So just be aware.

We are working 24/7, so follow our updates via social media :

Web / Discord / Twitter

Don’t forget, we’re looking for an ambitious and Russian-speaking mobile QA engineer. Do you know such a person? Let me know on TG @bolotovma

Hey, Moni Maker!

We know you’re a busy man, so we keep it short. This week we’ve been fixing the minor problems with the portfolio calculations that you reported. We’re almost at the finish line.

You asked for a dark theme in the settings, so it’s coming! We’re planning on releasing an update next week, so be prepared. There will be something else unique in the update, but let’s keep it a secret for now ;) you’ll see for yourself.

Now we are looking for an ambitious and Russian speaking mobile QA engineer. If you know such a person, let us know — send him to Telegram @bolotovma

Web / Discord / Twitter

Hello, Moni Maker!

This week has been truly intriguing. We’ve released a new version of the Binance Smart Chain a.k.a. BSC wallet tracking app. If you haven’t updated the app yet, hurry up and try the new features.



We found a couple of bugs…

Halo, Moni Maker!

*Epic music plays*

Today we’re gonna update the app! And the long-awaited release, after all, is coming… Just check TestFlight or Google Play tonight for the latest available build, and don’t hesitate to upgrade.

So what’s in the new release? The damn important and coveted “Portfolio” section…

Maxim Bolotov

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