Maxim Bolotov

Greetings, Moni Maker! The Moni team will take your time to tell about our progress, ok? Let’s go!

We have significant updates:

- removed waitlist — download TestFlight, add Moni app and use it;

- simplified deposit and withdrawal mechanics;

- updated design of coins in portfolio and market list;

- fixed critical bugs;

- optimized design for different devices;

The new version is our preparation for a public release of the app. So we need as much feedback and suggestions as possible. Please give us feedback! Leave it in our Discord —

In the meantime, we’ll further integrate NFT tracking into the app.

We wish safety to all, your Moni Team.



You’ve been waiting for this update. Tim Cook and Larry Page put all their business on hold with the holiday rush and approved our app faster than we expected. Probably in a hurry to add their wallets to our app 😉

Yes yes! The new update is already available on TestFlight and Google Play. It’s also in the web version. Hurry up and add your ETH wallets!

What’s in this release?

  • In the Portfolio section, you can track Ethereum wallets.
  • In Market a separate section of tokens from the Ethereum ecosystem appeared
  • In the web version, you can connect a wallet directly via Metamask

Also, looking forward to your feedback and suggestions for the new update! Waiting you on our Discord!



Last week we released a global update with new features: super tickets, tones hiding/deleting , authorization and much, much more. Here’s the link with the update and instructions

You bravely tested and gave us feedback and suggestions. And we released two new updates in a week, closed all the bugs and improved the UI. We are a real team with you!

Right now, we’re cooking up something fabulous. New sections in the app and the first web version of the app. Just pst!

We write about our insides and processes on Discord Join us ;)



Makers, let me remind you that our app is now in closed Beta testing. We want to say a big thanks to you all for poking every button and section, pointing out bugs and describing the features you’d like to see.

In the next few days the app may not be stable, but we will do our best to fix it! Now we have an important task — to make all sections in the application fast and work like clockwork.

We’ll keep you posted on what’s going on. Love ❤️